Safety & Compliance


Federal Motor Carriers Safety Measurement System  - SMS Company Snap Shot

National Safety Code for Motor Carriers  - Link to current Cargo Securment within Canada

Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration Link to the latest Hours of Service within the United States 

Ministry of  Transportation Ontario Link to the latest Hours of Service, Permit requirement etc within Canada

Ontario Trucking Associations Latest news in the trucking industry

J.J. Kellers & Associates Latest new and updates on Safety, Compliance, HOS and more.


  • Member of CTPAT Customs Trade Partnership Against Terorism (Current and Compliant as of last audit March 2013)
  • Member of PIP Partners in Protection
  • ACE Compliant with US Customs and Border Patrol to process shipments into the USA from Canada
  • ACI Compliant with Canada Customs & Revenue to process shipments from the USA to Canada

For all inquiries about Safety & Compliances
 Please contact: Claire Hadden -